Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector
Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector 3000 (up to 50 APs)

Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector 3000 licensed for up to 50 ZoneFlex Access Points.

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Ruckus Wireless
Ruckus Wireless SmartZone 100

SmartZone 100 with 4 GigE ports, 90-day temporary access to licenses.

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LevelOne WAC-2000 Gigabit Wireless LAN Controller
LevelOne WAC-2000 Gigabit Wireless LAN Controller

The LevelOne WAC2000 is a WLAN Controller designed for small-to-medium sized networks such as SMBs, schools, boutique hotels and apartments. The device offers a complete wireless security solution for any mid-range wireless network. Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports allow for fast and reliable distribution of data throughout the network. WAC-2000 integrates a wide variety of functions. It supports centralized management for access points (AP), managing and providing secure wireless service for up to 50 APs through Layer 2 protocols.The LevelOne controller offers the convenience of integrating an existing wired network with a LevelOne wireless network, allowing gradual deployment or upgrading of an existing network without major investment. WAC-2000 provides a complete AP network solution, allowing the user to see and control all data transmitted through each AP. with VLAN based on different SSIDs dividing the network into secure regions.

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